Rangers Lead The Way! All the Way!

Hey y'all! I'm sharing this with all of my Texas Silver Rush family and friends because I know how much you care for our vets....with so many young troops coming home from combat the needs are huge. When my son Tyler Remini was with 3rd Battalion Rangers yall sent boxes to Tyler and his team on deployment after deployment after deployment. And all of the prayers, the support and continued encouragement as he transitions from combat to civilian life. We can't ever thank you enough!

The Texas Silver Rush is committing to a $500 donation to support this incredible Fundraiser.

I'd like to ask each of you to each support this cause with a $50 Donation. Someone has to do it....let's be there to help!

If you make a $50 donation you're eligible to win a great trip! Better yet EVERY DONATION from our Texas Silver Rush family will also receive a pair of Sterling Silver Earrings! Simply let us know in a private message and we will get your earrings to you!!

Please please please support this mission that is doing so much to help our vets and their families! I'm excited to see how many of y'all do!!

Thank you! Rangers Lead The Way! All the Way!


  • Leslie

    Thank you so much for all of your support! RLTW!

  • Amy Duckworth
    I don’t believe I have ever met a man so eager to share all of his special gifts from the heart like “ Joe Remini “.

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