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In Tour

The Texas Silver Rush is on the road and in the air to Boston for the last show of the tour with Agnostic Front and Dropkick Murphys at the House of Blues! This will be our second night with these guys on this tour....we are totally excited!Looking forward to being with my cousin Vinnie Stigma!! Vinnie has been so awesome to make the time to look out for me...I can't ever thank him enough! Our Cappucio grandparents are smiling! Best yet....Tyler is coming to meet Vinnie as well! These are pieces we custom designed for the guys in Agnostic Front as a Texas Silver Rush "Thank you!" They have been really gracious each time I've been to see them! We...

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When things come together...

Sometimes things come together so perfectly magic literally happens!! Bri Bagwell came to Fredericksburg to shoot with us in support of our work on her Texas Silver Rush jewelry line!I've had a concept in my mind since December....seeing it come to life and capturing the sheer raw beauty was breathtaking! Bri totally got it and OWNED it! Trish Scroggs our VP of Ops and our new staff photographer Emily killed it on coordinating our "storyboards" and pulling everything together! Now our dilemma is how to choose just a few from the dozens of stunners!! This pic is of us working on just that!And to top it off we had a shoot celebration well as my birthday one of...

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Waltstock & Barrel

Hi y'all! We are very proud to be the "Signature Sponsor" for the biggest music event to hit Fredericksburg this year! It's truly an honor to work with Walt and Tina who are pulling together the festival you want to be here for! We will have a Texas Silver Rush set-up for you to come by and relax in the midst of all the fun! Our friends at Gastehaus Schmidt Lodging Service have amazing properties for you to enjoy when you come in for the festival! Check out their website and call them...they provide ROCKSTAR service both before and during your stay!

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Our Recent Photoshoot...

Completely unedited from my phone during today's shoot with Texas music sensation Bri Bagwell! Her spirit fills this image along with a stunning Texas Hill Country sky! This was an incredible shoot! We worked tirelessly to complete some new designs for this shoot....the earrings came out amazing, and I'm so thrilled with the upper layer piece! The Sterling Silver Focal with handcut and handset Turquoise and Coral is simply dazzling on the lustrous White Freshwater Pearls! Emily Poste, EP Photography, is our staff photog....she totally nailed the energy! Wait til you see her creations.....I had a sneak peek - Wow! And Trish just did magic making everything happen! Best of all....we all shared a meal at Pasta Bella to celebrate our shoot...

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The Bri Bagwell Collection!

Tonight I experienced one of those truly special moments that defies words....I can't thank Bri Bagwell enough for our friendship and mutual support of each other's careers! Our Texas Silver Rush Bri Bagwell Collection is avaiable on our Texas Silver Rush website (link to follow!). It includes some of Bri's favorites pieces....I know you will love love love them! Bri's Collection is one of my such it will be updated and expanded with some of the best of what we are designing and offering this season! Thank you so much Bri! You're truly a ROCKSTAR! Ps...Leslie Stovall....thanks for all you did tonight!!  

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