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Time to Re-Charge...

Loving our cold weather! Pretty much keeping a fire going all the time in our family's nice to be able to spend time together like this. It's also a great time for me to recharge....I can't design or work on my collection if I'm tired or my "tanks" are empty. Empty physically, empty emotionally and empty when it comes to vision. That's why this downtime is really a good thing! I get to go to do what I love today....share our work and passion with others! Trish Scroggs will be in today....this girl is a ROCKSTAR! I know y'all are falling in love with her and rightly so! Trish has been in this jewelry world for nearly 30 years...

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Natural Beauty...

When Pop, granddad to the kids, and I would go feed cattle he was always pretty quiet. After awhile I realized it was simply because he was taking in the beauty of the land he was blessed to be a steward of. And I felt the same.....the natural beauty of The Texas Hill Country is a huge influence on my designs and my collection! The colors, the textures, the boldness....I want our pieces to always be just as amazing!

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Wow! What a Friday!

Wow! What a Friday!! We loved seeing all of our Texas Silver Rush family friends and fans! We were SWAMPED from the moment we opened .....both in-store and on-line! Thank you!Just for the record....I love love love what I do! And I thank y'all for being there for us! Our Christmas 2017 Collection is by and far our largest ever! Gorgeous originals! Stunning Vintage! Boho pieces galore! Wow! We are so excited to bring this collection to you! We are actually designing for our Spring 2018 Collection with a weeklong session starting December 1st.....culminating with a Red Carpet Event in February with our entire team in attendance! Going to be EXCITING! Wait! WAIT!! IT ALREADY IS EXCITING!!

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The “Little Bird”...

As we approach Veterans Day on November 11th we will be sharing posts honoring both our Veterans and our men and women currently serving to protect our country!This "Little Bird" helicopter is a workhorse for our Army Rangers! These Rangers make it look effortless....that's why the are the world's best light infantry force! Add darkness, brutally cold temps, blowing wind and sand to this drop....maybe some enemy gunfire ..... this is why the Rangers are the experts at what they do!For you Battalion Rangers out there past and present...check out The Darby Project!Rangers Lead The Way! ATW! See a “Little Bird” in action!

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Christmas in Fredericksburg

One of my personal favorite, "Christmas in Fredericksburg" pics! Three Army Rangers and their girls! Our friends on the left got engaged just moments before, right in front of the beautiful Christmas Tree in our Town Square! A few "Fredericksburg Christmas Insider Tips!" Our lighted Christmas Parade is AMAZING! The entire town and visitors turn out for our beautiful nighttime parade right down Main Street! The Texas Silver Rush is almost perfectly centered on the street....come join us for refreshments and fellowship! Last but not least....getting accommodations in Fredericksburg is very difficult and especially during this season! Book early! We always recommend our friends Gaustehaus Schmidt Bed and Breakfast Agency! They have been serving Fredericksburg visitors for 32 years! Love love love...

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